Everything Is Awesome Thanks to First LEGO League

When NHL started middle school, he came home one day begging to join the LEGO Robotics team. You could see the sparkle in his eyes as he got more and more excited about the possibilities.

First LEGO League Competition

We could tell that he was focused on joining. Not only did he tell us about it, he had gone to the instructor to chat with him. NHL wanted to make sure it would not interfere with Hebrew School. It seemed like the perfect fit for our little geek in training, especially since the main day was not a conflict with other commitments.

NHL took his so called homework assignments for this after school enrichment seriously. He asked to watch YouTube videos of other competitions and LEGO Robotics teams. I had forgotten that over the summer he went to an event at the library that sparked this interest thanks to a local college.

Everything has been relatively awesome with this first middle school club. I actually wrote most of this post while sitting in a college lecture hall during the teams FLL (First LEGO League) competition. It was an eye opening experience on many levels. I have a feeling that with more practice and guidance, this is something that NHL will really enjoy over his academic career. Who knows where it may lead him down the road.

What clubs are your children involved in after school? I would love to know more about them and how you know if they are the right fit for your child. Do you ever go to visit, observe, and/or help out? I have a feeling we may be doing more of this down the road to give everyone more hands on deck.

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