Tuesday Tales: Animal Gas, A Farty Farce

We all know that everyone poops, thanks to the infamous tale. While many of us would like to pretend that we don’t toot, everybody certainly does pass gas. As the mother of two boys and a fan of potty humor from time to time, Animal Gas, A Farty Farce was right up our alley to review. We received a copy of this book written and illustrated by Bryan Ballinger from Sterling Children’s Books.

Animal Gas - A Farty Farce

Animal Gas: A Farty Farce – Written and Illustrated by Bryan Ballinger – Published by Sterling Children’s Books ISBN 9781454916161 – $12.95 – Ages 3-7

The basics behind (no pun intended) this book are that the group of animals think their farts don’t stink. They seriously think they their toots smell amazing. Through a fun rhyming text, Ballinger tells each animal’s tale followed by another one replying. The illustrations are phenomenal and really make the point of the opposing animals opinion. I greatly appreciate the variety of ways to talk about cutting the cheese. I mean who knew that one book could incorporate so many in a silly story that will entertain young and old. There is also an Animal Gas website that has extras like more illustrations and songs. Here’s fun book trailer that I had to share.


Warning, this is probably not a book that you will want to send into school with your child. Have mercy on their teacher. As someone who first met Captain Underpants and Professor Poopypants via a read aloud, keep this outside of school. Of course, I highly suggest sending it along with your kids when they visit Nana and Papa. Now please pass me a tissue to wipe my tears of laughter from the Animal Gas songs that we will probably be singing all summer long. We can’t wait to see what Bryan Ballinger has in store with his new emissions!

Who would you like to read Animal Gas with? Come on fess up, you know you need a good laugh. As always, Tuesday Tales is all about sharing our love of books. Please let me know what you have read recently. Link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something you read on your own, with a child, or someone else.

It's Me

Disclosure: As noted above, I received this gaseous tale from Sterling Children’s Books to review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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