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Kid medications pulled from market

As I sit home with my 4 year old that is sick as a dog being treated with some over the counter medications and some prescription I am irritated with the news today. Several manufactures have decided to pull their infant and toddler products from the market (full list here). One of said items is a product that I use for NHL and it works wonders since I follow the directions and my child is above the age of 2.

It really bothers me that because of a bunch of stupid adults out there that 1) Don’t bother to read the directions, 2) Don’t follow said directions or 3) do not ask a pharmacist or doctor about the medications that those of us that do will have children that are going to have to suffer. It is sad I was just going to head out and get more of those Triaminic strips for NHL to have, but who knows they may already be off the shelves.

Personally I do not believe that this will solve the problem. My theory is these people that never read/followed directions or asked about the medications will simply take the adult or older children varieties and try to figure dosing on their own.   *rolling eyes*

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