Kid medications pulled from market

As I sit home with my 4 year old that is sick as a dog being treated with some over the counter medications and some prescription I am irritated with the news today. Several manufactures have decided to pull their infant and toddler products from the market (full list here). One of said items is a product that I use for NHL and it works wonders since I follow the directions and my child is above the age of 2.

It really bothers me that because of a bunch of stupid adults out there that 1) Don’t bother to read the directions, 2) Don’t follow said directions or 3) do not ask a pharmacist or doctor about the medications that those of us that do will have children that are going to have to suffer. It is sad I was just going to head out and get more of those Triaminic strips for NHL to have, but who knows they may already be off the shelves.

Personally I do not believe that this will solve the problem. My theory is these people that never read/followed directions or asked about the medications will simply take the adult or older children varieties and try to figure dosing on their own.   *rolling eyes*

C’est Moi

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  • Sandra says:

    Dammit! I just found those and its one thing Jenna takes with no problem! Any word on WHEN they are pulling? I am going several places tomorrow so I am going to see if I can score some. If I do I will pick up some for you- you do the same! Idiots!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: Don’t even get me started. This entire thing, especially with the strips is SO wrong. As you mentioned they are one of a few things we can get NHL to take without a horrid fight. GRRRRRR! Why is it when you find something good it always vanishes? Let me know if you find any. Not sure if I’ll be able to check for any today since NHL was up at 4:00 and is HOT again and sounds awful still. If I do I will pick some up for you and let you know.

    C’est Moi

  • Kmelion says:

    So all that will happen are these same parents who are misusing pediatric OTC meds will use lower doses of adult-strength stuff on their kids.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: Exactly!! That was my first thought and reason for my vent.

    BTW – Beautiful blog post today. I was in tears reading it while nursing JSL at 4:00 this morning.

    C’est Moi