Sick NHL = Tired Mommy & Daddy

Sick kids are NO fun!  Especially when you have to sit and watch them as they are miserable. This is why I have not been able to blog for a while now.

NHL has not felt good since Sunday. Monday he was really congested and lethargic, but no fever. Monday night he woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. He stayed home with JSL and I Tuesday. This complicated matters since I was supposed to head to the school district for a meeting about NHL and his new school. Last night at 2:00 he woke up hysterical and burning up. He couldn’t stop coughing and ended up tossing his cookies from the ick he was hacking up.

JL and I freaked out since he was not responding to us. He looked like he did before he had the febrile seizure. I quickly called my parents and they were here within 15 minutes. While waiting for them I went to JSL and found him with a receiving blanket twisted around his head (can’t put that in there anymore since he rolls). I panicked and thank goodness he was fine.

My father helped to hold JSL who was hungry since he fell asleep at 6:40 (teething is wiping him out badly). Mom helped us to do a steam shower to open NHL’s airways. He was shivering and hysterical. We then took him to out bed to do a Fever All suppository since we didn’t think he would keep Motrin down. It took all three of us to hold him and get it done. About an hour later we gave him Motrin since the temperature was going up again.

He finally went to sleep close to 4:30 in our bed and was soaked from the fever breaking. At that point we fell asleep and the alarm went off at 6:00. JL opted to stay home since the boys have been up the last three nights and he was exhausted.

We took NHL to see the doctor at 11:30. She was great. She was able to look in his ears and immediately told us they were both infected and red. Then listened to his chest and told us the croup also had a wheeze and he had bronchitis.  So he’s on an antibiotic and Muscinex since we don’t want to do albuterol now. She also suggested taking his temperature rectally – ummm. . . . I DON’T THINK SO!!!! He’s 4 and too darn strong to fight. So we sucked it up and got an ear thermometer per her suggestion.

Kudos to Target for understanding kids. We went there since it was by the doctor’s office and fell in love with the pharmacy. They not only flavor medications for free, they also have incentives for kids. They handed NHL a chart and stickers to mark off each time he takes his medicine (3 times a day for 10 days). Once it is filled up he can bring it in for a prize. You know a mom must have come up with this. Hey it works and he’s been great with it.

Now I am off to try to get JSL who is a miserable teething mess to bed. NHL will be home with me again tomorrow and we’re debating Friday since he starts his new nursery school Monday. He needs closure, but it may be worse since he hasn’t been to the school since last Thursday.

Now if only we can get more than 3-4 hours of combined sleep tonight we may be able to semi-function tomorrow. *YAWN*

C’est Moi

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