Snow day!!!!!!

It’s official my school FINALLY closed this morning. It came online at about 5:40 and I got my official phone call at 5:50. Nothing like being one of the last schools to make a decision.

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At about 7:30 JL got a call from his boss to stay and work from home. Thank goodness since I was so nervous about him even thinking about traveling from here to there. Right now he’s outside freezing his butt off doing the initial shoveling. There has to be easily 6+ inches already. The worst part right now is JL just went back to the porch stairs and there’s about an inch already back where he shoveled not too long ago. It’s going to be a long day for him since we don’t have a snow blower and I can’t help much since I am almost 27 weeks pregnant.

Later on we’re hoping to take NHL outside to play in the snow. This will only happen if the blizzard conditions aren’t too bad. We have blizzard warnings here for the entire area thanks to the wind conditions. Fun, fun, fun!!!

On that note I am off to keep NHL out of trouble.

Stay warm and safe if you are in the path of this nasty storm!

C’est moi
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