We just got back in from going outside. NHL wanted to play in the snow, so we let him go and play with the little girl from next door. The two of us were out there for about 35 minutes. It’s HORRIBLE!!!

The poor road crews have a horrible mess and I don’t know how they are going to do it. After NHL fell face first into the snow for the 2nd time, and was crying from the stinging, we went in. JL went to help another car that was stuck at the end of the block. My mother just called and she and my father (in two cars) are stuck behind several cars that can’t move on their block. Luckily it’s very close to their house so my father went to get the snow blower to help dig everyone out. Mom said in all her years she’s never seen the roads so bad. She said they just can’t keep up with the snow on the main roads, so of course the side ones are going to pay the price.

This is definitely a day people need to stay in. Thank goodness businesses are closing.

Oh, we also measured the snow and have at least 12 inches so far with no end in sight. The latest snow fall totals they are predicting are 16-26 for this immediate area. UGH!

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