A Crazy Week

Ugh! What a few days. This was the longest week that just didn’t to want to end. The days at school are getting longer by the week. I never worked when I was this pregnant last time, so it’s all new to me.

Sleep hardly is in my vocabulary thanks to swelling from the day and now shin pain in addition to the other pregnancy aches and pains. *sigh* And if one more person says to me that it’s the body’s way of getting you ready for a new baby I will strangle them!

Yesterday my father FINALLY went to see the doctor. My brother, mother, sister-in-law, JL and I have been bothering him for several weeks now to get checked since his BP was horribly high. I can’t even tell you how many years it has been since he’s gone – we won’t go there. Anyway, he went to the doctor yesterday and it wasn’t good news. The doctor didn’t like the sound of his heart and ordered an EKG. The EKG showed something that apparently made the doctor think that dad had previously had a heart attack. So now he’s on a bunch of medicines and has an appointment to see the cardiologist.

The new excitement happened tonight. JL called and was a few blocks away. I went outside to wait to move the car. Well, 10 minutes went by and no boys. I finally called them on the phone. JL was sitting on the side of the road stopped by a police officer. Apparently he didn’t come to a complete stop at a 4 way stop sign and got nailed. This is the first time that JL has ever been pulled over . . . no less gotten a ticket. So JL is going to traffic court to see if he can get the ticket reduced. He told the officer about it being the first time and that he may have rolled through without a complete stop since NHL was in the back seat sobbing that he had to go potty. Nothing like a 3 year old screaming that he needs to poop to make ya move.

This weekend is going to be filled with Passover cleaning and preparing galore. Fun, fun, fun!!!

On that note I am off to elevate my poor feet and try to make them stop hurting.

C’est Moi
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