NHL Funny!

Tuesday night we decided it was time to tackle NHL to cut his toe nails. Note to all – this is a huge production number that typically requires two adults to hold flailing limbs in order to accomplish the task.

So I did NHL’s fingers first and he was great. Then it was time to go for the feet. So I told him it was time to do the toes. He looked me straight in the face and said the following:

“No Mommy, I don’t want to. We can wait until Passover!”

I nearly died laughing! –>

Anyway, I called JL in to hear what he said and to assist me on the more difficult task at hand. He started to flip out. We tried to tell him he was a big boy, but that only worked so much. Then JL and I opted to slightly bribe him for better than usual behavior. That worked for one foot, but the second was a lot worse. He did count to 30 and we promised to try to be done by then (thank goodness he isn’t that quick counting yet).

Later on JL explained where the Passover thing came from. Apparently the other day NHL saw some of our Passover things that were put away for a few more weeks. NHL wanted one of the goodies and JL explained that he had to wait until Passover. LOL – Goes to show he applied what he heard to a different scenario!

C’est Moi

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