NHL’s Full Moon

Only moments before JL and I were getting NHL ready for bed, he was falling asleep on the floor while JL was talking to Aunt J (JL’s sister who just got home with her 2nd little boy). Suddenly as JL was taking his pants off to get his PJs on the little weirdo took off. There was a full moon in our living room!

NHL was crazy and suddenly awake. The first thing he did was grab his Monsters Inc hat and started to run around. JL followed him into his bedroom where he continued to run around and laugh hysterically. All of this while protectively covering the “family jewels” with one hand.

Here is NHL after he ran into his room. Note where the hand is – JL was in tears laughing at how protective he was:

Cornered on his bed to finish getting into PJs:

Clearly NHL had other plans:

You have to love this age for all of the laughs and adventures!

C’est Moi

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  • kmelion says:

    My brother one summer day went running down our block bare-assed nekkid… with my mom chasing him with a towel…

    Thank god my girls never did anything like that. I wonder what this next one will do.

  • theangelforever says:

    LOL – My brother did that once as well.

    NHL hasn’t done this before, last night was a first. He was in rare form. Personally I thought it was mighty cold to be parading around the house like that, but he was content. I guess he was making enough heat from running around.

    P.S. Thanks for joining my friends list. I didn’t know you had a blog on here. I’m jealous that you are pretty much all set for Passover. I actually just bought some Millers American cheese to have on hand the other day.

    I have to remember to ask where my two cousins (soon to be three) are in Israel. One just finished up his military obligation and may have come back to the States to visit family. I’m always the last to know.

  • ntalan says:

    Wow, I’m impressed he’s lasted this long. Alex loves to run around the house nakey butt. His favorite thing is to jump on his big white teddy bear, buck nekkid.

  • theangelforever says:

    He’s done the naked thing before, but never quite like this. He was going crazy and then the hand over the crotch thing put it over the edge.

    C’est Moi