Right now it’s almost 4:00 and I am up AGAIN and can’t sleep (been up since 3:00). I am in agony and ready to cry over it. I swear I was never this big or in this much pain with my first pregnancy. I have barely gained 10 pounds from the start (not bad considering I’m 33 weeks) and am huge! My mother and JL actually agree with me that I never looked this pregnant right before I had NHL at 38 weeks. I didn’t take it as an insult, but know it’s likely a reason for my intense pain.

All week I haven’t been able to sleep thanks to my shins killing me. My ankles and feet are slightly swollen, but that goes down quickly after putting them up at night. I work full time, but I’m sitting more than anything lately (I feel so lazy teaching from behind my desk). I know I need to elevate my feet, but it’s hard to do during the day.

Right now I’m awake since my knee locked up so bad and I couldn’t move it. I had to yell to get JL to wake up to help me to move since my arm was asleep and the other legs shin hurt so much I couldn’t help myself. It’s actually getting to be depressing. My next appointment is Friday with the NP, but I’m wondering if I should call Monday to see if I can get in. I don’t think I can deal with this too much longer. My fear is they will tell me to stop working before the date I wanted, but I guess C’est La Vie!

In between Passover cleaning today, and going to leave plans at school for Monday, I may go and buy more pillows to try to help. Apparently 3 and a body pillow are not cutting it.

C’est Moi
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