Movin’ on up . . .

Last weekend (August 5th) it was finally time for JSL to move on up from the Pack N’ Play to his big crib. He was getting cramped in the tight space of the bassinet and needed more area to roll over and get stuck in.

It was love at first sight!

Here’s JSL checking out Snoopy on the bumpers:
JSL checking out his new crib

Check out how much room he has:
Look how tiny JSL is in his crib

Another view:
Another view of JSL in his crib

All smiles in his new palace:
JSL likes his new crib

NHL checking out his old crib:
NHL checking out his old crib

Soon after getting into the crib for the first time put JSL onto his tummy. Within minutes he curled up and was sucking on his hand and fell asleep. Clearly he really liked his new sleeping arrangements.

See how much room he has:
JSL's first time in his crib

Sucking on his hand:

And one last photo of the peaceful sleeping JSL:
JSL's first time napping in his crib

The crib has helped so much. He really love it and enjoys rolling over and stretching in it. He likes to look at Snoopy and most importantly sleep 9+ hours most nights!

C’est Moi

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