Road trip for 4 anyone?

So it was finally time to suck it up and do a road trip as a family of four. This past weekend there was a baby shower for my sister-in-law M. My little niece is due in September so the shower was planned and we decided to take the boys and head there.

So, Friday morning the plan was to head out of the house to my brother and SIL’s over 250 miles from here. Thanks to a rain storm and two kids to pack into the van we didn’t make it onto the main road until 9:30. We made 3 stops along the way for pit stops. I had to nurse JSL, we all needed lunch, and NHL need to use the restroom at one point.

We finally arrived at our destination at about 3:30. By this time we all needed to stretch. NHL got out of the car and went up the steps with Uncle I. As he arrived there he saw his name in chalk and a present. He didn’t know what to do. It was too funny. He finally opened it and saw a brand new soccer ball as part of his birthday present. We unpacked the car, but everything up in our room. At this point Aunt M and her friend from Washington DC came back. We all went outside to let NHL get some energy out.

Kicking the ball around with Uncle I and Daddy:
NHL runs after 6 hour car ride

Another action shot:
NHL runs after 6 hour car ride

Soon after this Aunt M thought that they should take NHL to see her garden. So Uncle I helped her to bring NHL there to pick some tomatoes. As you will see a certain almost 4 year old decided to test something out. I was back on the deck and had no clue until they told us exactly what happened and I saw the photos to prove everything.

Here’s NHL going into the garden with Aunt M & Uncle I:
Aunt M's garden

Here are a few of everyone just picking from tomatoes:
NHL with Aunt M and Uncle I in their garden

Aunt M's garden

Check out the look of trouble:
Looking around Aunt M's garden

Can you see the wheels turning in NHL’s head?
If I squish this, what happens?

What did the poor tomato ever do to NHL to deserve this fate?
NHL's priceless face after squishing Aunt M's tomato

Note the look of satisfaction on his face:
Wonder what this does?

LMAO – what a face!
NHL knows he did something wrong

Uncle I takes away the tomato and it’s time to leave the garden:
Tomato picking time w/Uncle  I

On that note I best be off to feed the baby. More updates about the weekend and the “fun” drive home (note the sarcasm please).

C’est Moi

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