Wake up Jeff!

OK, OK, OK. . . so I’m not Jeff, but I clearly need to wake up. (sorry felt like a purple Wiggly moment)

Last night before going to sleep I took the band-aid off my toe to check it out. I asked JL if he thought I should still keep something on it or not. He said that I probably should for at least another day.

So I went to the bathroom to get something and went back to the couch to put it back on my injured toe. I did this . . . or so I thought.

Now flash forward to about 30 minutes ago. I am on the phone with my friend. All of the sudden I look at my toe and realize something is wrong. As I was telling her the story about my accident I notice the silly band-aid is on the wrong toe.


Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter what JL thought or what my intentions were. I went this long without anything on it and did pretty well. Aside from still being sore and not really being able to move it much, it seems fine without being covered.

*sigh* Are we there yet?

Ya know I guess I should could my blessings that the laundry I just did came out without too many issues (that I’m aware of yet). Now I just hope that I put the diaper on JSL correctly or there will be more laundry in my not too distant future.

The diaper goes on his arms – right?!?! Oh well I don’t think I’m awake enough to work on the computer class things now. I may push a button and make my computer self destruct.

C’est Moi
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