A freakin’ kakamunch day

I am sitting here in hysterics laughing my rear off . . . man it feels so good (even if the underlying problem isn’t too funny).

Why you ask?

Well, if you have to freakin’ kakamunch ask then you aren’t in with 4 year old boy talk. Heck I never heard the one before the other freakin’ day when my kakamunch son, NHL, started using it. I think the new freakin’ PreK class is to blame. I may have to talk to his kakamunch teacher about this freakin’ issue.

Now for why I’m in hysterics.

My friend L and I were chatting on IM and I told her about NHL’s latest. Then we both went off for a little while to do things. I went off to work on a project for my Swaparooni gift and JL was at my computer making a Spider-Man birthday card for NHL’s friend. Here is some of what we said:

Me: JL here making a card
L: aaah
Me: Or should I say I’m making a FREAKIN’ card?
L: Just freakin finish and let _____ get back on the freakin computer
Me: ____ has a FREAKIN’ bug up her FREAKIN’ butt about FREAKIN’ crocheting.
L: well, that’s not my freakin department! I’m a freakin knitter!
the_angel_forever: She made the FREAKIN’ KaKaMunch _____ (Swaparooni gift must not be revealed). ;-)
L: Well, she can take her freakin kakamunch ____ and get a kakamunch crochet hook and some freakin yarn and get to freakin crocheting…or get some freakin knitting needles and knit a kakamunch scarf
Me: Tis me – ya freakin kakamunchhead    (***Made JL move to take over)
L: well, you need to keep your kakamunchhead husband off of your puter
L: (you know how sad this whole conversation is?)
Me: YUP – Blogging eventually
Me: With freakin pseudo-kakamunch names   (***Those would be Me and L  *wink*)
L: D just said "wait. How come Freakin JL gets to use her Kakamunch computer and I never get to use the kakamunch freakin computer?"

Me: I can’t breathe – laughing too hard
Me: Need a pee pad underneath me
L: so are we!!!

So there you have it. How pathetic are we? Grown adults that live near each other "talking" on freakin’ IM instead of the kakamunch phone. No less using my kakamunch son’s freakin’ new words from his new PreK class (totally blaming them). I may have to talk to his kakamunch teacher about this freakin’ issue.

Insert SNORT here! I am laughing so hard I am actually snorting.  Oh how I needed this after the last week or so.

Seriously I do not normally talk/type/IM/blog like this. . . I’m just in a mood.

C’est Moi

 ***Please note L gave me permission to blog this.




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  • Sandra says:

    That whole posting has me totally confused and lost. Or should I say I am freakin lost!!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: There really isn’t anything to understand. It was just the 2-4 of us adults being weirdos thanks to NHL’s newest expressions. We just just WAY too carried away with it. At one point we got on the phone and couldn’t talk since we were all laughing too hard.

    C’est Moi