Lots of Bzzzz-ing in the family

Flying insects of the stinging kind be gone!

That is the message from our family after too many of these suckers have gotten too up close and personal with us.

1 – Friday while while my parents were visiting my brother and his wife they went apple picking. They apparently got some bees angry and one stung my mother.

2 – Yesterday after shopping at BJ’s, JL was putting JSL and his carrier into the car. Suddenly he yelped and started flapping his arm. Yup, he was also stung by a bee. His arm must have blocked the path of the angry bee and  voila! Luckily he is not allergic. He just has a small welt and is very itchy this morning.

3 – Just before dinner last night I was going around opening windows since it was cool out. I had to climb up to open the kitchen window since I am vertically challenged. I opened the shade all the way and climbed up. Then I yelled to JL. I found a bee/wasp nest in the awning that is over the window with a few pesky friends right on it. GRRRR!

With some research we are not pretty sure that those stinging neighbors that are on our house are paper wasps. The nest looks just like the one pictured here on Wikipedia. In addition to the the Terminex website makes their behavior match up where other buzzing pests do not. So later this morning JL will be heading to get something to spray the nest with (at night of course) to dispose of these critters.

Hopefully the count stays at 3 and does not need an addition later.

C’est Moi

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