Long day apple picking and at school

Yesterday NHL’s class and the three other PreK/K classes went to the apple orchard to pick apples and see how apple cider is made. When he got home from school he was very hot from the pants requirement and strange near 90 degree heat that was here. We came into the house for him to cool off and change.

After a while he asked to watch a movie (The Land Before Time). So NHL and I sat on the couch together and were eating some popcorn together. At about 4:00 JL called to see what he should get at the store on the way home. While we were on the phone I felt NHL curl up on my shoulder. Then I noticed his arm crash into the bowl of popcorn.

You guessed it, the poor kid was out like a light on my shoulder, mid bite of popcorn. So I tried to get up to let him rest more comfortable. Here is the result. 

My tired little monkey


Could you tell he had a long day outside in the heat?


 Tired NHL

 NHL stayed like this until he snapped up at about 5:30 and screamed something about a bus. We think it had something to do with the bus ride to and from the apple orchard, but we never did get him to tell us. He went to the bathroom and was whiny and crying. He couldn’t talk, answer anything, he just cried. I asked him if he wanted to nap in our room. He said yes. We went in there and within 5 minutes he was OUT!

Basically he slept from 4:00 to almost 6:00 this morning. We took him to the bathroom once in the middle of the night, but that was it. JL and I were really afraid that something was wrong with him since he was so out of it. When I woke him up he jumped out of bed went to the bathroom and was laughing that he missed dinner and it was morning already. He didn’t believe me since it was still dark outside. Thank goodness he seemed fine, so he went to school today.

Now JL and I are just keeping busy looking at other places to move him to since his current school is not going to meet his educational needs.

C’est Moi

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