Wait for me big brother

Friday evening JSL was on the ground and NHL decided to entertain his little brother.

Please note that JSL started off on the blanket like so

 Baby on the move

NHL then decided to take out his toy burger (not kosher since there’s cheese on it – *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*) and as you will see JSL scooted over to see what was going on. Please note the excitement on the little guy as he nears his goal.

NHL was shocked that JSL came to him

A little further still and then the burger is just a face plant away. Who knew a burger was so interesting?

 JSL goes after NHL's burger

Mommy quickly pulled JSL back onto the blanket (I know mean, but needed). So this time NHL decides to put dinosaurs on parade for JSL to come after. Here’s NHL setting things up.

Dino parade

And here’s when they are all set and JSL is just starting to come after them.

JSL come get my dinosaurs

We are doomed if he’s already moving like this and only 4 months old. ACK!

C’est Moi

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