1st day & major immunization mess up

So did you hear me screaming wherever you may be?  If not count your blessings.

Let’s start with the good news. NHL had a wonderful first day at his new preschool. No crying, no fussing, followed directions, great report. It was so refreshing to hear positive things from a teacher. I NEVER heard that at the Montessori school. He liked  it and seems excited to go back again tomorrrow.

After JL and I dropped NHL off this morning I ran some errands. First I stopped at the Montessori school and picked up the items we had there. I cut our loss on the supplies that we sent (annoys me though). The principal was there and took me to the classroom. I was hoping to avoid both of these things. The teacher was sugary sweet and asking where NHL was. . . then she recalled he started today. I told her I’m taking his lead on whether or not to come to say goodbye. If he asks I will contact her, if not we’re done. After that JSL and I quickly stopped at the pharmacy.

Then we went home. Once JSL was fed he fell asleep and I put him into the crib. No sooner had I done this the phone was ringing and it was the nurse from the Montessori school. She knew it was it first day at the other school, but wanted to point out a problem with NHL’s immunizations. Apparently in this state the chicken pox vaccine has a law where you must give the shot +/- 4 days from your 1st birthday.

Please sit down for the next part, I wasn’t and wish I had been.

NHL’s birthday is the 17th, his immunization was given on the 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So based on 3 measly days he was not considered immunized. CRAP I tell you. The nurse was condescending and honestly made no sense. I called Aunt M and asked her. She found a few things. Then JL talked with the ex-daycare director since he was there anyway – she had never heard of it.  JL then called the State Health Department’s Immunization division. Sure enough the nurse was right, but wrong. JL took this information and called our doctor’s office. They had not heard of it, but were going to look into it. The nurse there called me back. Sure enough THEY messed up and are not sure how, but he needs it done again. They were all floored and upset – which they better be.

So Wednesday JL, NHL and I are having flu shots and NHL is getting what they are calling his first Varicella vaccination.  They will look into when to do the second one that is normally done from 4-6 years . . . . and said they will write a note to the district explaining what happened should we need it for kindergarten.

Thank goodness JL will be there for that since the last shots were "fun" to do in August.

C’est Moi


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