Late weekend review (10-5 to 10-7)

Last week NHL stayed home on Friday to go with us to Simchat Torah services. He was so excited to go and dance with all of the Torahs. Talk about a tired little boy. He hardly sat down. He paraded around with his stuffed Torah making sure that everyone stopped to kiss it. He was too cute.

This is a photo of the boys in their Polo shirts that someone from my school gave them:

 Brother hug in matching shirts - 2

Later on we we able to get both of the boys to nap. Here’s how I found JSL in his crib (note one hand is missing):

 Where the rest of him was during the nap

Here’s where we found the other hand:

 JSL's hand out of the crib while napping

That was also JSL’s second day using his new Fisher Price small high chair that we got. It’s great since it saves space and goes right onto the chair. He loved being able to sit with us and see what we were doing. Plus thanks to the tray he could easily manipulate toys from hand to hand.

 Second time in new chair

While JSL was busy with all of his goodies, NHL was hard at work on a computer. He was busy making a card for our neighbor’s birthday party the following day (note the extreme concentration on his face)

.My little computer geek - 2

The following day it was REALLY warm. Who knew we could get to temperatures in the high 80’s here this time of year? Well, we did. That morning before NHL went to a birthday party next door the boys were all playing on the floor. It was so sweet. I asked if I could get a hand shot of all three of them together. Here is what I captured.

 Boy hands

JL took NHL to the party. Since it was SO warm JSL and I came back to where we had lots of fans and the AC running. I did three loads of laundry while playing with the little guy. Here he is sitting in his "thinking swing" and grabbing his newly found foot.

 Got one foot

Next it was time for a little buddy chewing to help those teething gums.

 Duckie eating 3

And then Mommy wanted to get a photo of JSL in the cute little onesie that Nana and Papa gave him before he outgrows it. Please note he has his feet again!

 I got my feet!

Later on that night Daddy gave JSL his first piggy back ride way up high. Here are a few photos from that milestone.

 JSL's first piggy back

Just because you wanted to his his little behind   . . . . *wink*

 Back view of piggy back JSL

And now JSL helps JL to pull some more hair out:

 Won't let go of Daddy's hair

That night our friends came over to order dinner in, talk, see the boys, and play Wii for the first time. It was a fun night. Sunday we ran errands and noticed that NHL wasn’t feeling so great. This was the first that we noticed he was getting a cold. As noted in other entries it was just a warning of the illness to come.

The weekend was a long one for NHL thanks to the holiday. Both boys were home with me for Columbus Day while JL went to work. NHL really wasn’t feeling well. By that night he had a low grade fever and had to stay home the next day requiring the important meeting with the school district to be done on the phone. C’est la vie with kids.

C’est Moi

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