Silver, Blue and White Swaparooni

Unfortunately, I never had a chance to post about the new sign up for the October/November Swaparooni before the deadline (it was last night). I finally decided to do this one before the weather is too bad. I had to though since I am the one that suggested these colors.

Here’s what OMSH made for the new swap:

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Since I know that Coolbeansmama received her swap from me it is now safe to share photos of the goodies I sent to her.

 All of the goodies I sent to Coolbeansmama

From left to right: 1) Address labels that I made on my own Handy Dandy computer  2) A cool red notebook  3) M&M magnetic list  pad  4) Red M&M note cards  5) Train and ladybug magnets that I put together  6) Apple cider tea  7) Mary Engelbreit note cards  8) Old fashioned animal crackers  9) ladybug stickers   10) Kit-Kat and 100 Grand candy bars and 11) A special scrunchie that I had made on Etsy (by Prissy Princess) with Coolbeansmama’s favorite team and at the top 12) Red Scrub poofs.

Here are some close ups of a few things:

 Magnets I made to send to Coolmeansmama

 A special Scrunchie from Etsy for Coolbeansmama

Adress labels I made for Coolbeansmama

It was so much fun shopping and getting things here and there for Coolbeansmama. Now I can’t wait to make a new friend with the next swap.

C’est Moi


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  • Sandra says:

    Thanks for suggesting the great colors for the new swap. I am so glad they won! ;) I would not have done this swap w/the first suggested theme!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: Thanks :) I always thought something with silver would be really pretty. I never noticed that someone else thought of silver and blue. I just wrote the trio since it reminded me of winter and snow. I basically wanted something that was really pretty, easy for people to do, and NOT related to a specific holiday that is winter based.

    There was only one that I probably would not have participated in this time. Mind you if there is one with orange, I do not think I would be in. Not sure why, but I really do NOT like the color orange. I think the only time I am able to tolerate it is for Halloween.

    C’est Moi

  • coolbeans says:

    Thanks again for the package. It was great.

    I’m sitting out for this swap but love the colors.

  • Shawna says:

    I’m excited to be your swap partner and and honored that I got paired up with the one who suggested the colors!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Coolbeans: It was my pleasure to send the goodies your way. We will miss you this time around. I may have to take a time out during the winter as well. With everything going on and snow coming I will likely take a hiatus until the spring.

    C’est Moi

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: I am excited to have you as a swap buddy as well. I am itching to head out and about to find things for you. I printed out your like/dislike list to take with me later on. Now if only I could escape from the boys for a little while to shop by myself.

    BTW – Your blog is really cute and I have looked at your photos on Flickr as well You have a beautiful house and very touching posts. I hope to comment soon.

    C’est Moi