8 Random Things about Moi

So, I’ve been tagged  by Laura

Here are the rules…you list 8 random things about you and then tag a few other people to do it, with links to their blog..and leave a comment tht they’ve been tagged…so, here are my 8 random things

1) I met JL (my hubby) online. I was doing research online for school and didn’t realize I had gone into a chat room. Something caught my eye that he said and I looked at his profile. Thanks to that (" Nice Jewish boy looking for a nice Jewish girl" ) I sent him an instant message. We had a long distance relationship for quite some time before he moved here a year before our wedding.

2) Before becoming a teacher I went to pharmacy school for 2 1/2 miserable years. Even when I was planning on becoming a pharmacist I wanted to teach. I just finally realized I did NOT like the school I was at and braved telling my parents what I really wanted to do.

3) While in college I had season tickets for our local AHL hockey team. I used to travel all around the place with friends to games and met a lot of really great people that way.

4) I lived across the street from a hockey player (was on the team I had tickets for above) for a few seasons. I did not realize he was there right away until I saw some of the other now NHL players there. He was only a few months older than I was at the time – away from Russia in this strange country. One snowy day my friend and I baked cookies for him and delivered them. We felt bad that he was all alone when he seemed to want to join the two of us and my brother goofing off in the snow (remember I was in college). When we went to his door he opened it up and was barely wearing anything. HELLO!  We seriously never knew if he had more than the t-shirt that was VERY short on.

5) Once I was a Secret Pal to two of my cousins. My younger cousin B grew up with me sending her random notes and things until she was SO old and I finally came clean about who it was. I also had a secret e-mail account that I used for my other cousin M where I wrote her. I’m not sure if she ever knew it was me sending her little hellos and things.

6) We are going to see the Wiggles soon with NHL. We have front row tickets!!!! It’s a special mommy and daddy night out with just him. Nana and Papa will be watching JSL for the night.

7) JL and I just started counting points with Weight Watchers. I had to do it since nursing seems to make me SO hungry and I was not making the best choices. I had lost a lot of weight when I was pregnant (pregnancy is a great yet expensive weight loss plan), but it has slowly come back over the last 5 months. Last time we did it when NHL was about 8 months old. JL lost 80 pounds and I lost 50 pounds. Then we got lazy and stopped counting points. In addition to this I started teaching full time and there were WAY too many yummy things in the faculty room the second year. The first year I was good and never went there much. In addition to that we had the scares with NHL not walking.

8) I learned to knit when I was really young. I haven’t done a lot of it recently. Thanks to bad wrists I am itching to try to crochet. I just found out that my grandmother doesn’t knit, she crochets. I never looked. Had I paid closer attention I would have noticed she didn’t have two needles and was in fact using a hook. So she and my aunt have said that they will try to teach me how. YAHOO!

So here are my tags (you can feel free to be party poopers and not do this, but it’s neat to learn things):

Sandy  –> I know Laura already did it, but I want to anyway

Nancy –> She’s one of the people that made me want to blog from the start.

Airing Dirty Laundry –> My new Swaparooni buddy so I can learn more about her.


C’est Moi




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