The WRONG type of chocolate river

Where are the Ooompa Loompas when you need them?

Please note the following is NOT for the weak stomached. Only a parent could/would laugh at this type of potty humor!

NHL finished his antibiotic this morning. Thanks to this we have been VERY careful what we allow him to eat so it doesn’t cause "fun" for his tummy. Fruit and juice in take were minimal. Yesterday afternoon the two little guys and I went to visit my grandmother since her apartment complex is next to NHL’s new school. At one point I went into another room to nurse JSL. My grandmother asked if NHL could have some grapes. Little did I know she gave him a monster bowl of them and he gobbled them up.

Fast forward to early this evening. Suddenly at dinner NHL says to JL "Daddy my tummy and booty hurt."  Next things they are rushing to the bathroom.

I instantly hear quite the sound coming from in there. You can just imagine – I’ll leave it at that.

A little later we were getting ready to head out to buy bananas (for obvious reasons). JL mentioned NHL’s "water fall" from earlier. I remarked "It was more like Willy Wonka’s chocolate river!" JL quickly retorted  "But it’s the wrong kind of choclate. Augustus don’t drink from that river!"

We were in hysterics. JSL was so confused he just looked at us like we were crazy (well DUH) and NHL had no clue what we were talking about.

C’est Moi



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