The bathroom story

The answer to the previously asked bathroom question is that at least 10 people (5 adults, a 4 year old, a 6 month old, and a 2 month old) can fit into my brother and sister-in-law’s bathroom.

Why would all of us head into the bathroom (not a master bathroom either) together?

Were we having a party? No, not quite.

We all went in to watch my new little niece S have a tub. Since we are not local all of us piled into the room to witness. As you can see from JSL’s face he was a little confused with why everyone was squishing into the room.

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Here are all of the troops heading into the bathroom. Included in this nice group are of course Cousin S (taking the tub), Uncle I and Aunt M (giving the tub), Mimi (great-grandma), Nana, Papa, JSL, NHL, JL and I.

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Once we all were in I noticed poor NHL wedge in between Papa and JL. Here’s what his view looked like. Do not worry, he soon was able to get up front for a nice view of the tub.

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Here is a mosaic showing just how many dorks of my family members can fit into the bathroom so you can truly appreciate our style of bonding.

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So that is the rest of the story that I teased about the other day. Sorry it wasn’t that thrilling, but we all thought it was pretty funny at the time. Heck it was interesting to see how JL and I were able to capture different point of view with our two cameras. I can not wait to see what my parents were able to get one theirs.


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