Bite me . . . really hard!

Ah, kids you have to love them!

This afternoon we were on our way to look for something at Linens N’ Things and then Target. As we drove into the area the traffic pattern was a mess. Another driver was being crazy and trying to make a left hand turn when there were not going to be openings for hours.

As we passed by it was pretty easy to read his lips and know exactly what he was saying to me. Let us just say it was very colorful and not G rated. Heck it would have gotten an R rating and censored on late night television.

Here is the conversation that followed. I was driving and the boys were in the back seat.

Me: "Bite me!"

NHL: "Bite me really hard!"

JL & Me –> holding back our laughter!


Another funny from Christmas Eve. As you know we are Jewish. Each year it has been more challenging to explain to NHL that Santa does not come to visit us. It is very hard to explain to a 4 year old why we do not celebrate Christmas when it is plastered every where 24/7 from Thanksgiving to New Years . . . wait make that from June to New Years!

Anyway, it was very evident that NHL was thinking about Christmas on Christmas Eve. Here is a conversation that happened that night as JL was changing JSL diaper and I was waiting to feed him:

NHL:  "Daddy we have a problem"

JL: "What is the problem NHL?"

NHL: "We don’t have a fireplace!"

JL: "Why do we need a fireplace?"

NHL: "For Santa"   (he was very matter of fact about this)

JL: "Santa doesn’t come here NHL. We are Jewish and do not celebrate Christmas."

After this it continued a little longer. JL tried to explain to NHL that Chanukah was better than Christmas since we are able to celebrate our miracle for 8 days, not just one. Not sure if we sold him on this, but he did not raise any more fuss that night. We have more time until next year to think of other things to say.

FYI – JL’s Christmas Eve tradition growing up was to ask his father to light a fire just in case Santa forgot that they were Jewish. Apparently it was an on going joke in their house. *sigh*

This makes me miss the Chanukah Harry sketch from SNL more! 


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  • Kmelion says:

    this reminds me of last year, our neighbors were driving me, the girls and hubby somewhere. The girls were sitting in the back row of the minivan listening to their MP3 players and the adults are having a conversation.

    All of a sudden my younger daughter (who was oh.. 13 or so) pipes up and says “Mom, what does horny mean?”

    We had to pull over, we were all laughing so hard.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: LOL – kids you have to love the things they say/ask at all ages! Thanks for sharing :)

    C’est Moi