An introduction to fruity goodness & more toofers

At 7 1/2 months old JSL is anxious to dive into anything that he sees that is edible. Unfortunately for him, we have been slow introducing things to him. We wanted to make sure he got tastes of all things veggie before going on to fruits. Last night this changed. Finally it was time to enter into the land of fruits.

Here is JL feeding JSL his first bite of banana. 

Trying banana for the first time

He was quite anxious to put it into his mouth and seemed to like it rather quickly. After chomping on it for a few seconds he wanted to get a better look at what it was that he put into his mouth. 

Let me look at that again . . . please

Next came the touch test. Little did he know . . . this sucker was slippery! 

OK - now I need to touch it too

He was successful and got the slick banana piece to his mouth. 

Yup, I think I like this!

Thanks to copious amounts of saliva (teething ya know) the banana quickly turned to mushy goo and was not suitable for JSL to hold anymore. He got quite upset when I took it away to mash up into some oatmeal. He kept "barking" at me to bring it back. He was happy once he saw that I had some very yummy cereal for him to gobble up. 

A little oatmeal with his banana

He was a VERY happy camper. In fact he slept through the night again. Then this morning when I looked into his mouth I saw white at the tip of his gum. I did not feel it cut through yet, but man it is close. From the cranky nature of things tonight during a tub and getting dressed, my guess is they may be here Sunday morning. 

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  • Renee says:

    We’re still waiting for teeth for Keeghan. I can see the bottom ones under the gums. He LOVES table food though oh my goodness! Mashed potatoes are his favorite but I have to admit we’ve introduced foods quickly to him… quicker than the other 3, that’s for sure! He loves it all though. He’s also pulling up to a stand already, isn’t that insane? I keep telling him to SLOW down!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Renee: I would be thrilled to still be waiting for teeth. Nursing gets more interesting with chompers in the mix. We have also been introducing more table foods to JSL now that he is interested…he just will not eat baby slop. JSL has also been pulling to a stand and when he does and has fingers tries to walk. He definitely understands that one foot moves and then the other. We are in TROUBLE when he figures things out down the road.

    C’est Moi