Sleep . . . the final frontier!

We all had sleep last night. . . . WAHOO BABY!

Yes, you read that correctly. Even the teething baby slept through the night. He actually fell asleep on JL early. He went into his crib and only fussed twice early on. Both times a binky and tucking his blanket buddy under his arm to snuggle did the trick. So he basically slept from 7:30 to almost 7:00. Not too shabby. 

When the boys woke up they came into our cloudy warm wonderland of fun flannel sheets.

NHL petting JSL’s hand: 

The boys after waking up

And now a kiss: 

Kissing his little brother

A certain 7 1/2 month old was VERY serious. We have been worried since he just has not been his smiling/laughing self. Teething is just evil I tell you. Here is Mr. Serious: 

So serious at 7 1/2 months

Meanwhile Daddy is making funny faces and saying silly things. JSL thinks about smiling: 

Thinking about a smile

Yes Houston. . . we finally have a smile: 

Smiling after sleeping all night!

It was so nice to see that sweet little smile after the last few miserable days without it. Meanwhile a certain little person was devising his own plan. 

Here comes TROUBLE!!!

Seconds later he went for a sneak tickle attack on his little brother. NHL knows that JSL is super ticklish on his neck if he kisses it. So that is exactly what he did. 

NHL tackles JSL

I love my boys . . . all three of them!


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  • Kim says:

    Way behind here, but wow–AJ does the climb all over and love on Zoe all the time. I can’t wait until she can defend herself! Do you think that’s the nature of the age differences between the older and younger kids we’ve both got?

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kim: I hope someone JSL will defend himself or at least cry if NHL is bothering him too much. He is just too easy going. The age difference may be something, but not sure. My brother and I are about the same distance apart (I am the oldest). When he was a baby I used to play rough with him as well. My mother apparently never saw it, but my Nana always did. Looks kind of like history is repeating himself.

    C’est Moi