It’s Pajama Time!

What could be better than a day in the nice warm house, wearing PJ’s all day with my boys? Not too much more . . . unless JL was home from work with us.

Yesterday the weather was supposed to be nasty starting at about noon.  ICK! The boys and I opted to just stay home and remain in our PJ’s. NHL is really enjoying the all day pajama parties. So much that he has claimed my body pillow as his new "sleeping bag" and taken it into his room at night.


At one point the boys were just sitting there together on the couch completely engulfed by Blues Clues. (NHL was watching JSL so mommy could use the facilities – teacher bladder only goes so far after two pregnancies). Here is how I found them when I came back: 

Deep in concentration

Can you tell that they both really like Blues Clues? Heck, they both bobbed their heads to see the television when I dared to get in front of them to take more pictures. BOYS!  Please note how "thrilled" JSL was with me taking his photo yet again. 

Doesn't the little guy look enthused?

NHL can get completely into a zone (like his Daddy) and ignore me. See, just like this: 

Totally in a zone

JSL finally was able to get me to take one last photo. He decided it was time to wiggle off the couch. I snapped this one and quickly scooped him up since he does know how to back off already. 

Trying to wiggle off the couch

I hope to add a video later. Right now my big boy (JL) is sleeping and he can not help me to reformat it to put online. One of these days I will remember how to do it. For now I will blame it on Dora. I swear she is zapping my brain cells.

By the way. . . today we did get out of out PJ’s and left the warm house. Not to worry I took more fun PJ photos that I will share later.


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  • Kmelion says:

    I use Windows Movie Maker to reformat all my video files (and make photo slideshows) to upload onto photobucket or youtube.

    VERY easy to use.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: I forget the program that JL has for me to use for reformatting. It was really easy, I just forget how to put them directly onto our server without using photobucket. I just never had good luck using that and finally opted to use the space we have with the money we pay.

    Any thoughts on something for photo editing? I have been using a free trial of Corel and do not like it. JL wants me to try Paint Shop Pro – kind of like Photo Shop without some advanced features that I will not miss. The full version only costs $99 – so much better than $400 for the other.

    C’est Moi