Chanukah 2003

Tonight at sundown the Festival of Lights begins. This will be JSL’s first Chanukah. Will he understand what is going on around him? No, but he will love watching the bright lights on the menorah. Just four years ago we watched NHL celebrate his first Chanukah. Here are a few photos from 2003.

 Please know that we did NOT let NHL light any of the candles. We staged this pose to Photo Shop flames onto the candle to freak out relatives. LOL – it worked too!

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Here he is watching all of the candles burning:

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I hope to post some photos of our 2007 Chanukah celebration soon.  This weekend my brother, sister-in-law and niece (SG) will be in town for a little family gathering/party Thanks to being in Identity Theft HELL – I have not had a lot of time for blogging lately. Lots of things to catch up on soon.


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  • Kmelion says:

    Chanukah Same’ach!!!

    Last night Nati conked out about half an hour before Zach got home from work so he missed candle lighting :( Hopefully he’ll be awake for tonight’s lighting.

  • Elizabeth says:

    You won a Land Before Time DVD in my giveaway! Please email me your full name and address and I will mail it on Friday. Congratulations!

    Oh, and my 2 year old daughter saw this post and pointed to the photo and said “I see baby, and a Daddy”!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: Chanukah wishes to you and your family as well. I think of you often as three of my cousins are in Israel now (along with other family I really do not know).

    I hope Nati was able to see the candles on the second night. There is just something about watching babies gazing at those that is amazing.

    Elizabeth: Welcome to my blog and thank you for the fun news. I e-mailed you. Too funny about your daughter with the baby and my DH. Kids just say the best things.

    C’est Moi