Tub full of my boys!

Tonight JSL had to have two tubs in less than an hour. I will spare you the details of the event, but it required a third load of laundry for the day. My mother was quick to point out a positive, at least it did not happen while JSL was in the tub with NHL.

That reminded me that I had never posted photos of the boys first tub together. Their first tub together was about 10 days ago on December 14th. This also happened to be JSL’s first time in the big tub using his ring. NHL was so excited to show JSL the big boy tub and play with him. As you will see he also helped Daddy to clean his little brother. All of the following photos have been "cleaned" up for sharing. I became a mohel in one so as not to show the family jewels of one of the boys!

So now I present you with a brother bath!

Here is JSL’s reaction upon entering the tub. I believe it is pretty self explanatory. 

I do NOT like this!

If that was not clear enough – maybe this one will make it more obvious! 

Not a happy baby

As NHL was getting ready to head into join his little brother, Daddy tried to show the little guy how to splash in the tub. This got his attention. 

Figuring out how to splash

Now enter big brother NHL into the tub. 

NHL gets into the tub with JSL

JSL gets shampooed while trying to splash Daddy. Meanwhile NHL’s hand can be seen trying to help wash the little guy. 

Trying to splash Daddy

Check out who was a really happy boy: 

Happy big brother

The boys play before washing continues: 

Trying to get some little toes

Big brother helps out in the tub: 

NHL helps to clean his little brother

JSL looking VERY soggy here: 

Sporting the deer in headlights looks

The boys seem to like taking a bath together. Tonight went a little better than last time. JSL enjoys being entertained by NHL . . . and NHL loves an audience! It works out very nicely.

Now if only the boys would stay clean and not need a second tub 20 minutes after the first. *sigh* 

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  • Kmelion says:

    We just bought Nati a bath ring. He’s always been ambivalent about bathtime but he’s starting to enjoy it.

    And whoever came up with the bathring idea.. OMG! What a wonderful thing! Now I don’t need an extra pair of hands to give Nati a bath.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: I knew you had gotten one for him and was curious if he liked it. JSL loves taking a shower with me. I think being close to me and hearing the water fall soothes him, so the big tub is quite different.

    Yes, the ring is an amazing invention. We used the one we have with NHL and it was wonderful for peace of mind.

    C’est Moi