How did that table leg get there?!

First thanks to everyone for the comments on my Blogoversary giveaway. I am floored that there are over 200 comments already and it has only been live for a little over 24 hours! Keep them coming . . . who knows I may add something else for another person or two!

 *sigh*   Now it is time for me to vent.

Over the last few days my body is falling apart. Man, it is not like I am that old or anything. I just turned 31 last month and things are going downhill quickly.

Last Thursday I noticed that a bump in my left eye was still there and seemed to be getting larger. I tried to keep myself calm and went to look at it in the mirror. Prior to this I knew it was there, but it was not visible from the outside. Now it is. . . so I freaked! I showed my mother and JL and we agreed it would be a good plan to have a doctor check it out. I am going there Thursday morning.

I guess it is a good thing since I now have a bitch laundry list of things. Man I make it seem really bad. It is currently only three items long, but keeps growing by the day.

Friday afternoon I was doing something with the boys and I heard a pop in my shoulder and felt burning pain. By the evening I was barely able to rotate my arm/shoulder at all. Falling apart I tell you!

Saturday night I went out for a "Girls Night Out" with my friend H. She treated me to an amazing Italian dinner for a belated birthday gift (Thank you again H and J too for hanging out with the boys). We had a great time and by that point in time the surging/burning pain was mostly gone. I was even starting to be able to move my shoulder without screaming or thinking about it.

Sunday things were calm. JL took the boys out in the morning for a secret mission (I think related to Valentines Day). He told me to use the time to take a shower and not have to worry about them. So I shaved my legs. Who knew doing something like that could make a person feel so much better. A mommy living in cold weather does not do this grooming thing as often in the winter in order to maintain some warmth. My friend and I were talking pedicure and gynecologist appointments are items that will force the issue. Our husbands just learn to tolerate it.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. Things were going well. I was having fun e-mailing people to thank them for comments on my giveaway (anal retentive  over achiever crazy me – I kept up with this for over 70 comments and then this happened). The boys were playing. JSL was started to get whiny and saying "Mama Mmmmmm" . . . which means Mommy Milk.

So I got up to head to him take him for a diaper change. Suddenly the table leg was rammed into my poor little toe on my left foot. I was swearing screaming and crying. JSL was looking at me like I was nuts and NHL just sat on the couch and continued to watch Max & Ruby. I felt so loved. Instantly my toe was turning colors and swelling. So in agony I managed to hobble to JSL to take him for a diaper change. Then I called JL to whine/moan/yell that I was hurt and I may need him home early.

Luckily the baby settled down for a nap quickly and slept for a little over two hours until JL was home. I allowed NHL to watch television more than usual because it allowed me to put my throbbing foot up to help keep the swelling down. Forget ice since my foot already felt like it was a frozen block. JL helped out with the boys last night a lot so I could keep it elevated and luckily it seems better today. If it is not doing well by Thursday it will be the third item on the list for the doctor.

Now I just need to get some sleep tonight. JSL was up for what seems like an every evening thing now. At 11:00 he wasthrew up all over his crib. I think it was excess saliva and bad nose congestion that started that. He went into our bed and could not settle since he was so stuffed up. I got out my pump to have some milk to use in his nose. Voila – all better. Within 30 minutes (at close to 12:40) he was sleeping in our bed. With him in bed and my toe throbbing there was not a lot of sleep accomplished.

Man it is rough getting older – whether it is from falling apart or teething!


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  • Shawna says:

    And it doesn’t get any easier the older you get! Take care and watch out for those table legs!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: LOL – I know! I am so afraid of anything coming near me now.

    Feel better – sorry you have been so sick :(

    C’est Moi

  • Kmelion says:

    Oy. I smashed up my little toe in my eighth month. The day after NS was born it was still hurting so I got some surgical tape and taped it to the other toes.

    A week after I took off the tape (I wore it for almost 2 weeks) I smashed it again….

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: I think mine is getting better already. Walking is not bothering it as much (stairs to the laundry makes it hurt some). I also realized that this is the same toe that I smashed back in August when we got back from a LONG road trip home from visiting my brother and SIL.


    I hope your toe is feeling better by now again. I tell you I think little toes just take the brunt of everything and are magnets for getting hurt.

    C’est Moi

  • maria says:

    Awwww….that sucks but so well written. I was right there.

    Sorry for all your pain. Damn table leg. Who put that there?