JSL hospitalized

Quick note – JSL’s fever spiked last night and he was laboring to breathe. It was bad enough to get my parents here. I called the doctor and were told to put him into the tub (we had already given him Motrin) to get his temperature down. After playing for a few minutes his eyes glazed over, his eyes rolled back, and he started to seize. 

We took him out of the tub and to our room. He was not responsive. Suddenly after that he started coughing, went limp and turned GRAY!

My mother and I knew he was not breathing and she did mouth to mouth breathing on him.

Quick end to the story for now. . . . JSL is still in the hospital and will be until at least tomorrow. We do not know what caused it and are trying to figure it.

Update to come later.

C’est Moi




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