They stayed in their room – ALL night!

For the first time in weeks both of the boys stayed in their room all night.


Sure, JSL fussed a few times, but he managed not to bunk with us for any of the night. He was so exhausted from no afternoon nap. Why? Well, thanks to another snow storm NHL’s school was on a 2 hour delay. It just was not worth taking him for 10:00 to pick him up at 1:00. Too much effort. Plus Tuesday night NHL was up with several nightmares again. So we did a PJ day here. Every time that JSL fell asleep in the afternoon he would hear NHL and wake up

This is Spud on the couch in the morning: 

Vegging in the morning

The brotherly spats started already. NHL was upset that JSL got his toy. NHL took it away and JSL went crawling over to him at one point and slapped him. This at nine months – I am in for it! Here are the sweet boys together after the mini tiff.

 Near brotherly headlock

JSL quickly lost interest in sitting with his big brother and wanted to be on the move. He would not take both of my hands. So he took one and I took some shots from above for a different perspective on things. 

Boy on the move


Only 1 hand Mom


Man he is getting so much hair

As nice as it was to have both of the boys with me for the day . . . it was a LONG 9 hour day. It was great to see NHL head out to school for a few hours. 

Posing before he leaves

I even managed to get JSL out of his PJ’s for the first time since he has been back from the hospital. I figured it was time, plus it was a way to celebrate that he is officially done with antibiotic. 

Hey stop it with the camera thing

Then it was time for the boys to say goodbye to each other. 

Time to get a little hug

Poor JSL was sad to see big brother go. . . I think. 

Sad to say goodbye

I will cherish these moments now. Before I know it the two of them will be clawing at each other and wresting on the floor while screaming for me to stop the other. 


P.S. – Stay tuned . . . a new blog design is coming soon. My webmaster (JL) is almost done so it can go live and then we can tweak things. A giveaway will be coming with that too!

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