Weekend Party Mini-Vacation – Part 2

Saturday morning we all woke up from a rough night at the hotel. Thanks to nightmares, teething , and dreams of swarming ladybugs we slept in . . . at least for us. JL and I tossed on clothes while NHL and JSL stayed in pajamas to head down to the complimentary breakfast. The boys went down ahead of me so I could get myself set. By the time I was in the lobby NHL had already sat down and was chowing down. 

Chow time!

After JSL’s seat was ready Daddy went to make the little guy a waffle. 

Enough with the photos already - feed me!

JL making food for JSL

Finally his food was ready, so JSL checked it out and played with it for a little while. 

Inspecting the waffles

When everyone was done with breakfast we went back up to the room. It was finally time to fulfill our promise of swimming in the hotel pool to NHL. JL and NHL put their swimsuits on and JSL and I went down to the pool to watch and take photos.

Here is JSL watching Daddy and Big Brother in the pool. 

Mr. Serious watching everyone in the pool

NHL had a blast in the pool. He did not want to come out when it was time to go and get ready to pack up and head to the party. I think we now know we have to sign him up for swim lessons this spring and/or summer. Not only is it good for him to know how to do, it will be great for his muscles too. 

Getting ready to go into the pool


Swim time with Daddy


NHL loved the pool

After an hour in the pool it was time to head back up to the room. We packed up, checked out of the hotel and were on our way to a 1st and 4th birthday party for Cousin S and A.

A special Wordless Wednesday coming tomorrow from the party photos and then the final post from our mini-vacation with photos from the Mickey Mouse and Pirate Party.


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  • Candi says:

    Logan loves “swimming”. We moved into this house last year and up until that point we lived in an apartment with a pool. Logan loved going to the pool. Two years ago this June our apartment flooded and they put us up in a hotel. I loved the complimentary breakfast with make your own waffles!! I have to say that we were a bit spoiled by the breakfasts there. They even had a light dinner, so I only had to take care of lunch (there was a kitchen in our room). We were out of apt. for 3 weeks!!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Candi: Last summer NHL was not thrilled with swimming. Thank goodness at nursery school they did a few weeks of lessons and now he loves going into the pool. I have to sign him up for some more soon since I really want him to be able to swim more for safety reasons.

    The buffet was great. There is no way we could have bought breakfast for $10 for all of us and that was the cost difference in the two hotels that we had to pick from. I think this place had light dinner during the week as well, just not on the weekend.

    C’est Moi