Family day and rides for all

Did you miss me?

I have not had a chance to blog since Thursday because this weekend was spent with my father’s side of theamily. Thursday was the Yartzeit for my Poppy Sol who passed away a year ago according to the Hebrew calendar. Friday night we had a big family dinner, Saturday a nice lunch together and then temple in the evening. Sunday everyone except us went to the cemetery. We figured that may be too much for the boys. We had a really nice time seeing my Aunt J and Aunt A, along with my cousin J and everyone else. The boys loved all of the attention. No photos to share so I am going to catch up on last weekend.

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Last weekend before the big birthday party for JSL we spent the day with my family. My brother, sister-in-law and niece were in town. We had a wonderful day with them. We all had breakfast together, the kids played and before we knew it we were heading out and about. After a great lunch at Nothing But Noddles we decided to head to a local kiddie amusement park to let NHL romp.

Everyone had a lot of fun. There was laughter and smiles on all of our faces. My parents and grandmother enjoyed watching everyone. NHL got to go on the Merry-Go-Round with Papa for their annual photo shoot. JSL went on his first and second ride – Merry-Go-Round and Train. Even Cousin S joined the fun for a ride on the train with Aunt M and Uncle I.

Of course NHL did the most since he is the big boy of almost 5. He went from the Merry-Go-Round to the Ferris wheel with Papa. Next he grabbed Uncle I and went on the huge Para-Trooper ride. My brother said he was chatty before the ride, but once it started he never said a word. In fact we all laughed back on the ground because NHL had his head plastered on the bar. After the ride he said he had fun and would do it again. Right after that Uncle I went on the little roller coaster with NHL. NHL was thrilled to be first on line and get front row seats.

After this Larry, Moe and Curly Papa, Uncle I and NHL went onto the Tilt-a-Whirl. They had a blast. I have never seen my father smile so much or laugh so hard in a long time. It was hilarious. Thanks to the two adults on both sides, they kept spinning and spinning and spinning the entire time. By this point, the tickets were winding down and it was time to get almost everyone onto the train. JSL went with Daddy, Mimi rode with NHL, and Cousin S went with her Mommy and Daddy for her first ride. My parents stayed back with me to take photos and watch.

When they all came back from two loops around the park, NHL was upset that it was the last ride. We usually warn him and he gets to picks something special for the last ride. Papa graciously went and bought a few more tickets. Uncle I, NHL and I went on the Scrambler. This was not the most intelligent selection for me since my head hurt before the ride. Still it was worth it for laughs. The three of us were butt cheek to butt cheek and thought we would never move an inch when the ride started.

LOL – the laugh was on us thanks to the amazing Centripical Force (ah my days as a physcial science teacher come back to get me) Uncle I was squished by the two of us. Ah, the memories! We had a great time. Since I was on that ride, I have no photos of that (they are with other family cameras) – so you shall not see my crazy hair. Still just picture my hair standing up all over and my eyeballs ready to leap out of my head.

After we were finished, we went to Carvel for ice cream and a quick stop at the mall to go to a store that Uncle I and Aunt M do not have near them. Then we went back home to let the kids play, eat dinner and pack up. We got home rather late that night and had to make that famous giant cupcake for the party the next day.

Here are some photos from last Saturday. Please bear with me as I experiment with something new to use for slide shows. I also wanted to have more pictures for family members to see. HI ALL!



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  • Candi says:

    Ohhh. I love Carvel ice cream!! YUM!!

    I hope your boys are feeling better. I’d cringe, too, with all you’ve been through with JSL. I hate the high temps and neither of my boys have ever had anything like that happen to them. I’m very thankful that Lucas doesn’t have the nasty cough so far. One night with his temp being high, his heart was beating really fast (his pulse was 150), but once I got the fever down, it slowed down.