Giant cupcake eating

As a follow up to Giant Cupcake Making – Take 1, I thought it would be fitting to share the photos from our taste testing Wednesday night.

Thanks to where I placed the cake to store it over night it was a pain in the rear to cut, especially the first slice. Check out the mess that resulted in my fun. 

Must do taste testing

Thank goodness most people could care less what their slice looks like. Once they see the pretty cake, it is usually all about the tasting. Well, here is a slice for you. . . 

Hard to cut with the situation the cupcake was in

What did you think? Hmmm . . . we need to work on the virtual giant cupcake eating thing I guess!

Here is NHL’s reaction to the cupcake. 

Hmmmm. . . .

 Must have more cake

Since everyone was having some of the giant cupcake we could not leave JSL out of it. He had some cake without frosting. He will get ALL of the sugary goodness for the first time at his party on Mother’s Day. Here was his reaction to the cake. . .

 First taste of cake

He likes it - a LOT!

 Yes, this is rather tasty

Of course this giant cupcake eating event was done pretty late and both boys were over tired, acting silly, and eventually on sugar highs.

Boys on a sugar high

 Just a little slap happy if you ask me!

Bed time anyone?

Thank goodness both of the boys settled soon after for nice sugar filled.

Giant Cupcake Take 2 is scheduled for Sunday so JL can take it to work with him.


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