Giant cupcake making – Take 1

 As hard as it is for me to believe, my baby is going to be one two weeks from today. His family party will actually be on Mother’s day before his actual birthday. Since the little guy is in love with my cupcake pillow we thought it would be fitting to make a giant cupcake for his big day. I had read about them online many times and finally found one in a local store. With a 50% off coupon for the store I got my cake pan for a great price and decided to test out the pan. All of the reviews said that the pan took some getting used to.

Last night I had everything ready and made the cake for a test run. We decided not to bother baking it since it looked so good like this: 

Yummy - why bake it?

Measuring out the cake to put in

Some of it was eaten in this state, but most was baked into a giant cupcake and 8 extra little cupcakes. Since I used pasteurized egg whites I allowed NHL to have his first cake batter EVER. Yes, you read that right my poor almost five year old son has never had cake batter before. Sad no? Check out his reaction to this big event. Please note where JSL is during this time. He was really trying to get NHL to give him a taste.

NHL's first taste of cake batter

 Hey big brother. . .

 PLEASE share with me!

JSL was not interested in giving up. Watch his progressive movement as NHL moved sides while dodging little hands. Please note the sad little puppy eyes from the little guy. Too bad those do not work on his big brother. 

P-LEASE Big Brother . . . share with me

NHL had a blast and loved smiling with lots of cake batter on his face (other photos seen on Wordless Wednesday).

 More . . . I need more!

All of the boys were enjoying the time playing before bed while Mommy baked.

Guess who again?!?!

Now for the birth of a GIANT cupcake:

 A GIANT cupcake is born

Overall the test bake did not go too horribly. It was a very good thing that we did the run through since we learned several things that we will do differently next time that should make it even more successful.

This morning when NHL woke up we showed him the finished cupcake. I do not think he realized how large it was going to be after putting it together. He refused to let me give it away and insisted that we taste test it this evening.

More on the taste testing later! 


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