To cut or not to cut . . . that is the question

I love baby hair. There is nothing softer and sweeter than baby hair and it is never quite the same after it is cut.

*sniffle* *sniffle* . . . . Can you see where I am going with this?

Here is a clue:

Crazy hair - Front view

And clue two: 

Back view

JL is starting to demand insist that JSL gets his hair cut. I am in denial that my little guy is ready for a hair cut. When it is washed, combed nicely, and lacking breakfast in it (as in the photos above) JSL’s hair is very controlled. The problem lately is JSL is starting to use his permanent napkin as we call it in our family. He finds it hilarious to put his dirty, greasy, slimy, nasty hands through his beautiful and curly blond hair.

I suppose I will give into JL and allow the little guy to get his hair cut before he is two!


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  • citystreams says:

    My Hubs would be freaking out. He has a thing about long hair. These days he keeps his hair so short that he has to get it cut every other week. I have a sneaky suspicion that he just likes to hang out with his cop friends at the barber shop. Hmmmm…..

  • Lisanne says:

    I took tons of pictures during Lucas’s first haircut! It was amazing … he looked SO grown-up and big afterward. Wow, your son has gorgeous blond hair! Yeah, our little Merry Bear runs her fingers through her hair, too, and gets all kinds of crud in it. LOL! :) Oh, and I love how all of your valuables and breakables are locked up in the entertainment center. That’s a familiar sight at our house, too! :D

  • Kmelion says:

    If you do it, make sure you get it done after the summer, otherwise you’ll have to be extra careful about a sunburned scalp.

    Nati doesn’t have nearly as much hair, but we’re doing the ‘wait until he’s 3 for the Upsherin’.

  • Susan says:

    I am with you- I struggled with the first haircut-they always lose that curl:( Stay strong MOM!

  • Lori says:

    We had to cute Taylor’s right after his birthday. It was growing in just like the Trump “he had a comb over!” I cried at the salon!

  • Baby hair does have this irresistible, comforting smell to it – and your little one is adorable! How funny that he uses his hair as a napkin. :)

  • Anne says:

    its a sad thing to do but they told me if you cut baby hair then it grows faster

  • Haircuts, especially those first ones, are always harder on mom then on the kids I think. Cause we kiss those soft tresses. Oh well, reality and practicality does set in eventually. ;)

  • Nancy says:

    The first cut is the hardest, isn’t it? I still miss Zach’s little curls he had in the back. But his hair is much easier when it’s short. Both of my boys are due for a cut soon too.

  • val says:

    I still hate haircuts for babies. Our kids take after me and have curly hair so it wasn’t an issue… never looked long. We only cut it when it looks BIG! hahahahahaha!

  • […] a disagreement about something with JSL. Hubby wanted to get his hair cut and I was against it. I blogged about it and told him that perhaps after the summer I would consider it since his scalp would not […]