Weekend at home with cousins

Two weekends this month we have been away. First we went for the 4th of July to my brother’s and then last weekend to visit JL’s parents. Yesterday my brother and niece came into town to spend the weekend here. This is a special treat since they will be here again for my father’s BIG birthday and NHL’s 5th in a few short weeks.

Yesterday the kids had a blast playing with all of the toys at my parent’s house. No photos of that to share right now since we have to head out to meet everyone for breakfast soon. The good new is I that I have some from our trip over the 4th that I never posted. The interactions of Cousin S and JSL this time are priceless! You would never know watching them together that four months separate them in age. NHL has also been doing well helping the two and not getting too jealous.

 The three cousins

JSL loved playing with S’s Little People school bus push and ride toy.

 Hey I like this

There’s always time for a hug from a big cousin.

 Big cousin hugs

All of the kids were fascinated by the big exercise ball.

 Wow - a BIG ball!

At one point Cousin S took JSL’s sippy cup and wanted to test it out.

 Testing out a sippy cup

Bath time for the two little ones after cherry picking.  What you do not see here is JSL screaming once he got into the tub. He was not too thrilled about getting cleaned. Being overtired was a huge factor.

Baby tub time - before the tears

Photos from this weekend to come. Now we’re off to make and capture more memories!


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