Blessed with Great-grandparents

Looking back on my childhood I knew that I was very lucky to have all four of my grandparents living in the same city. We often went to my Mimi and Poppy’s house for shabbas dinner. There I have memories of my grandmother’s vegetable soup, chicken, and of course her frozen apple cake. My grandfather would always put on his funny wigs and show us movies with the projector.

Nana and Papa lived extremely close. During the summers we spent a lot of time at their fabulous in ground pool. There we would have many barbecues and challenge each other to jump in off the diving board. I remember sitting on the couch curled up by Papa and their poodle Pepper. Nana would often knit with me and have me work on her gorgeous long finger nails.

Both of our boys have their four grandparents. My parents live locally and JL’s parents are 3-4 hours from us. In addition to this, NHL and JSL have two great-grandmothers. JL’s grandmother is a distance from us, but we try to visit her during the times the weather is cooperative. My grandmother, who we call Mimi is local. NHL also was able to know his Poppy for almost four years of his life. He loved to visit Poppy and eat ice cream and munchkins with him.

I never knew any of my great-grandparents. Two of mine actually passed away shortly before I was born. I am named for both of them since they were very close to my parents. I have often heard stories about them and wished I had known the wonderful people that I was named for.

NHL and JSL absolutely love to visit and spend time with Mimi. Every day after nursery school NHL would beg me to take him to see her. Mimi’s apartment was right next to the nursery school. In his four year old mind he just assumed that we could stop by and see her all the time.

This past Wedesday I took the boys to visit Mimi. We were there for about five hours and the boys loved each minute.

When we got there Mimi gave each of the boys a new book. JSL’s played music and he loved it. He immediately sat on the couch to dance and listen to it with Mimi. 

Listening to music from his new book

Of course he noticed the dancing/singing dolls that were up on the shelf. 

Reading and singing with Mimi

Thanks to his demands being loud and clear Latke Larry came to sing to him. 

Latke Larry was fascinating

Meanwhile NHL was amusing himself on the floor. He was fascinated with the new piano book that Mimi gave him. He had fun figuring out how to play some of the songs. 

Playing with new piano book

Soon after this it was time for lunch. There is just something about food at Mimi’s – both boys will try and usually devour anything. NHL had some of Aunt S’s chicken soup and much to our surprise JSL thoroughly enjoyed turkey, salami and watermelon. It was amazing sitting there and watching them eat, especially since JSL hardly tossed anything onto the ground.

Yummy chicken soup

Eating deli for Mimi

After playing for a while it was time to head home to meet JL. The boys climbed onto Mimi’s lap for hugs and kisses.

Boys with their great-grandmother - Mimi

 We are so blessed to have Mimi near us. Thank you for being so wonderful and being such an important part of our lives.




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  • The piano book does look like fun. Also like something that might grow wearisome too. ;)

    My parents are too far away. I’m happy they will be down for the winter this year. It will be a first that they will be this close since I moved to New Mexico.

    Ummmm, sounds mean, but I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about hubby’s parents. His Dad is ok most of the time but his mother neither of us speak too. She’s just awful.

    So I’m happy for you!

  • VeRonda says:

    What a touching story, indeed! You know, you really can’t put an amount on how special it is to know where you come from. My parents were older once they got around to me. My father’s dad died while I was very small and I have no memories of him. My mom’s birth mom died when she was young, but woman my mom knows as her mother died some years back and I was glad to have gotten to know her a bit. Actually, my father’s mom died 4 weeks after my mom’s mother passed, so that was a difficult time. I cherish the pictures that I have and the memories that will never die. Thanks for this post.

  • amanda says:

    So, so dear!

  • That’s so wonderful that your children have their great grandparents around. My son only has one great-grandmother (all the others had passed on before he was born), but unfortunately, she lives in Hawaii, and we just can’t afford to go see her right now.

  • Kim says:

    That is wonderful that they get that time with grandparents. I always loved visiting mine and staying for a while during the summers. Such great memories. I only have one grandmother still living. I’m sad that my others never got to see my daughter.

    Enjoy these moments! Keep taking pictures!

  • What a blessing! My baby boy has all four grandparents (though my fiance’s parents are divorced) and also has three great grandmothers and 2 great grandfathers. (My fiance only has his grandma alive). It is really confusing when I right it all down, but the main thing is we are really really REALLY blessed.

  • DeniseRMT says:

    Great stuff here! You are truly blessed to have great-granparents so close and part of your family. Treasure every moment. God bless.