Birthday balloon crown for Mimi

Today is a special day, it is Mimi’s birthday. 


Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!


As I have mentioned before, my boys are extremely close to my grandmother. They see her as often as possible, love to visit her apartment to have chicken soup with matzoh balls (and other goodies), and more important to play and snuggle with her. JSL still loves to sit on her lap where she will sing him to sleep.

Mimi with the boys

Yesterday night we went out to dinner to celebrate Mimi’s birthday. Much to our surprise there was a special someone at the restaurant. It was none other than Mr. Twisty!

Mr. Twisty at Mimi's birthday

When Mr. Twisty heard that it was Mimi’s birthday he was very careful not to ruin the secret. He did not want to bother other people at the restaurant, so he made her a very small birthday crown. Here it is on Mimi’s head. 

Mr. Twisty and the birthday girl

We all had a lot of laughs thanks to Mr. Twisty. He also made something special for NHL. NHL did not even need to hear the list of possible balloon creation. He immediately asked for a lion. ROAR! 

R-O-A-R - lion by Mr. Twisty

After our delicious meal (thank you Aunt S and Uncle M) we decided to order some cotton candy. I was convinced to let JSL try some of it. At first he did not want anything to do with it, he simply played. Check out what he created. 

Noodles a la Cotton Candy anyone?

Unfortunately for us, he soon discovered that the cotton candy was sweet and enjoyed it. Needless to say he was up quite late last night. Apparently the sugar rush got him, but not NHL. Here are both of the boys enjoying. 

Cotton candy kids

We all want to wish Mimi a wonderful birthday. We are so glad that you live so close by. The boys and I love spending time with you. We hope to make many more special memories together for years to come.

Mimi and her birthday balloon crown

We love you Mimi!



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