Where do you…

Kim had this on her blog recently and I decided that it looked fun to save and use.

1. Where do you fold your laundry? Usually standing by my bed. I make piles of clothing for each of us and have the largest amount of space to spread things out in this location without little hands getting into things.

2. Must you be sure the dishes are washed before you go to bed each night? No, we try to at least put them into the dishwasher, but that does not always have them. There are nights when we sometimes leave things soaking in the sink for the morning.

3. Do you use caller id to screen your calls? Yes! I especially had to use this when I was teaching. One of the kids got my number (now even more hidden) and started to harass me.

4. Do you let the low fuel light come on in your car before you fill up? This has hardly ever happened. I try to keep at least 1/4 of a tank minimum.

5. Are you a registered voter? Sure am, I could have cared less about turning 21. I was quite excited to be 18 and able to vote!

6. Breakfast for dinner is one thing, but can you eat dinner for breakfast? Leftover items like cold pizza and other options that are quick are definite possibilities if need be.

7. Do you click on the ads you see on people’s blogs? Sure, if it is something that catches my eyes I will go and check it out.

8. Do you just want to yell at smokers who are clearly standing within 50ft of the door at a restaurant? Ugh, smoking is a pet peeve that I inherited from my mother. I saw how living with two smokers ruined her lungs and hate being forced to breathe in the poison when out in public. It is one thing to make the choice to do it your self, but another to impose it on others.

 Thanks for the fun Kim!

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We are now off to get ready to head to great-grandma’s 94th birthday party. The trip is 2 1/2 hours each way. I am quite nervous about it since the little guy has had a fever (gone for almost 48 hours now) and rash. We believe he is having a reaction to the MMR vaccine that he had recently. This morning the spots on his stomach and back are faded some, but his face looks worse. Hopefully he will sleep the entire way there and be in a good mood.



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  • Kim says:

    Have a great time at the party. I hope he feels better soon.

    Tina at Golden Goodness http://thegoldensblog.blogspot.com/ has been posting these lists of questions on her blog the past couple of Fri. It’s been fun!

  • Anne says:

    I may have to do this later, but for now and in case I forget
    1 on the pool table, 2 pft no, 3 yes if I don’t know the number it doesn’t get answered if its really important they can leave a message, 4 do i have a choice, 5 no, 6 no unless its steak and eggs. 7 no, 8 no- they are outside but you would think they could read but they don’t