Fall, where are you?

Depending on where you live you may have noticed that fall seems to be quickly slipping away. The signs here are all there:

  • Leaves almost all off the trees
  • Frost outside in the morning – sometimes enough that you have to scrape it off the windshield
  • Temperatures barely making it to the 40’s or 50’s during the day
  • Temperatures below 30 in the night
  • Frozen fingers
  • Toescicles on the bottom of your feet

When all of this begins you start to think about heat. Will it kick on when you test it out? And, of course, the biggest question of all. . . . when do you finally give in to the numb feeling in your feet and hands and turn on the heat?

For us the answer was checking things out a few weeks ago when the temperatures started to dip. Thankfully everything went on with no trouble. Our thermostat is set at 62. The heat will only turn on when it goes below that, or when one of the kids has a tub and we turn it up slightly.

Yesterday morning it was below 30 outside. I had to take NHL into school to bring his antibiotic eye drops in. It was bone chilling outside and I know it is just the start of things. When JSL and I arrived back into our 62 degree house it seemed toasty warm. Goes to show it is all a matter of perspective. Right after JSL went for a nap it was time to put the all important flannel sheets onto our bed. 

Winter time warmth

Let me tell you those were quite welcomed last night when I put my purple and blue toes into bed. Silly me, I was working on something in the living room and did not wear any socks. I think I learned my lesson. Now I just need to convince another little someone that going sans socks is not a smart thing to do for  at least another 5-6 months. 

Cold little toes

While I am at it, I suppose I should tell him that includes stripping his socks and shoes while out and about in the car, restaurant, mall . . . . or anywhere these days!


BTW – Quick update on the potty kid. Yesterday our #2 did a #2 while sitting on our throne!

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  • Shelley says:

    Trade ya? I’d kill for a week of weather like that!! This time of year is the one thing I miss the most about living in the Northeast!

  • Nancy says:

    Wow, you’re really not that much farther north than I am and it’s a lot colder by you. The trees still have leaves, no frost yet and temps in the mid-60s during the day. It’s a bit chilly in the morning but warms up by noon.

    I do need to put the flannel sheets on soon, maybe this weekend. And I also have boys who prefer to sleep barefoot. Though so do both Jon and I, so we know where they get it from!

  • Kmelion says:

    Get him footed PJs.

  • kailani says:

    It’s still in the 80s here. That’s why I love going on my layovers. It gives me a chance to wear my long coats and scarves!

  • Candi says:

    It has cooled down here, too. Somehow our house has managed to stay around 70 degrees without turning our heat on.

    Lucas is horrible about wearing socks and shoes. I manage to get them on before we enter a place, but he just about always has them off before it is time to leave. Of course, we all go barefoot around the house.