Get ready for debate bingo!

As I hinted at yesterday, TechyDad (you know my hubby) and I are going to revamp Palin Bingo (photos here) for the next presidential debate. This time TechyDad has come up with a few new features to allow you to have more fun. We need your assistance.

What words should we add to the new debate bingo?

The words should be something that either candidate would say, thus making it fun no matter what your political viewpoint.. Please head on over to TechyDad’s post here to see the words that he already has, have been suggested by others and of course to give some more thoughts.

The new bingo will likely be live later today or tomorrow. . . plenty of time to get yourself ready for the debate on Tuesday.





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  • Constitutional- amendment-

  • Sheila says:

    O-M-G! How FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I would have thought of this, and better yet, wish I would have visited your site before the debate! LMAO!!

    I checked through all your responses and stuff on yours and your hubbys site and can’t think of anything to add.

    Too bad she won’t be doing any more debates. Oh well. I guess one is about all she can handle anyway! If she gets in we’re doomed.

    You guys are too funny! Thanks for a great belly laugh!