Look into my eyes

As a former teacher, I know it is never good when the school nurse has to send home a letter to parents. Thursday afternoon we received our first one home this year with the kindergarten kid. The note that NHL had in his backpack was telling parents that the room had a large number of cases of pinkeye. I called the nurse to ask about it. I was concerned since NHL had pinkeye less than a month ago and it was what started the illness that ended up with JSL in the hospital for four days in February. According to the nurse, several kids had come to school only to be sent home with it, and others were coming in with antibiotics on their own.

Care to guess what happened to me when I woke up Friday morning?  

Sure enough when I tried to open my right eye is was all crusted over and did not want to open. Ugh! I wanted to wait and see what was going to happen. Since the weekend was coming and I did not want to get stuck going to Urgent Care, I called our doctors office. I left a message that I had been helping in my son’s kindergarten class where an outbreak of pinkeye was going on and I had it.

I stayed in waiting for the call all Friday morning and early afternoon. Sure enough they called 10 minutes after I left to get NHL from school. They called in a tube of ointment for me (not thrilled about it, but it is better than nothing). I opted not to pick it up yesterday just in case I was rushing into this. Here is my eye as it looked earlier this morning. 

Nasty eye

After a nap this morning with JSL I got dressed and went to the pharmacy for my ointment, clearly it was time. For some reason I am quite susceptable to pinkeye, no matter how careful I am washing my hands. Hopefully I can keep this to myself like NHL did a few weeks back.

Remember, you can not catch pinkeye from just looking at this photo! 


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