Return of the pink monster

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My question for this week changed thanks to events on Thursday. I had planned on doing something to link up with a bloggy friend. Unfortunately, plans changed because I can not think clearly enough to do it properly. I will explain below.

This week my question is:

Have you ever had pink eye? If your child has, do you have any tips on how to wrangle them (aside from sitting on them) for drops?

Yesterday at around 10:00 in the morning my called ID showed a number from the school district. I was hoping that it was the OT calling about things. No, it was not her. The person on the other end simply said to me "Hi Mrs ___  guess who I have here with me?"

Notice that she did not identify who she was. I was able to figure it out. Apparently the pinkeye monster that has been wrecking havoc in NHL’s kindergarten class got him. I asked if it was just irritated from forgetting his allergy medication. She agreed that it may be from that and would give it until after lunch to see. Meanwhile I called our doctor’s office to get something called in quick because I knew it was not good. The nurse had already sent another child home with goo coming out of her eye, another was home sick with it and 4+ kids had it last week, plus I was dealing with it last weekend.

Bad vibes were coming from this entire thing. Sure enough at about noon the nurse called back. His eye was more swollen and getting really red now. I packed up JSL and went to school to pick up NHL. By 1:30 we were on our way to the pharmacy to get the drops that were called in. NHL was NOT happy about this. He recalled the last pinkeye that he had just a month ago.

Exhausted after eye drops

Yesterday I literally sat on him to get the drops in. Sure he may only be five, but man the kid is strong. When he went to bed his eye was really red and we warned him when he got up it may be stuck shut. Sure enough at 11:00 he woke up and it was crusted over. It happened again at 6:00 this morning. I am worried because his eye looks really bad after 4 sets of drops now. The worst part, I am not sure if a bump/abcess like object is forming under his eye by his cheek bone. I will be keeping a close eye on it now and see how it goes.

Poor monkey

Susan, I promise I will do something even more special ASAP. For now I must work on wiping eye boogers and washing our hands and everything else in the house. WIth any luck Thanksgiving break next week will help to wipe out the pinkeye that has invaded NHL’s classroom.


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  • Dee says:

    Oh poor baby! I did have it a few times as a kid!

  • Sues2u2 says:

    Yikes! Been there & done that more than a few times. When Hubby was home I’d get his help too but I truly “feel” your pain! I have a daughter who when she was 4 got her flu shot. Of course 6 (yep, six!) of us had to hold her down to get it!!

  • Pegsy says:

    I really have no advice, but you have my sympathy! I’ve tried to put drops in my son’s eye for allergies and that has never gone well! We’ve never had pink eye in our family that I know of, so I don’t know what to tell you. Hang in there!

  • Pegsy says:

    You know what? That bump you were describing sounds like a sty (sp?). I had a friend once tell me to treat that by applying a hot washcloth (as warm as you can stand it – test your own eye first) and then a cold one and then back to hot and then cold again. Do this several times a day. Let me know if that helps…

  • meredith says:

    Ohhh he looks pittiful. I have had pink eye and so has my son. There is no other way to give drops except to sit on them. Kids can put up a fight beyond all belief when they don’t want things in their eyes, noses, ears, and I don’t really blame them.

  • dhw says:

    Both kids had it, they took the drops really well for being as young as there were!!!!!!

  • Nina says:

    No fun!!! Both my kids have had pink eye many times. My kindergartner is pretty easy putting drops in. Long ago I was able to convince him everything is a lot easier if he just sits back, relaxes and lets us put drops in, let the doctor swab his throat or what ever it might be. He has become very easy with all of these things. It took some time but we convinced him and he agrees it is much easier this way.
    I wish I had a better suggestion. Good luck!!!

  • Jenni says:

    Oh…ugh! My son had it a bunch of times. I never did find a good way to get those drops in…

  • citystreams says:

    The last time Bri had it I thought that I might have it too. My eyes kind of gunked up for a day. To psych myself out I would try to look for the drop as it came out of the dropper (but I never saw it coming) it hit me square in the eye every time. I would try asking him, “Is it coming out? Can you see it?”

  • Sherry says:

    I have not had to deal with this, I’m so sorry you are! Praying for you and family.

  • I am a wuss when it comes to Pink Eye. There was something going on in one of my dorm rooms in college and I had that stupid eye issue every other week. To be honest the only way I could have someone get the medicine in my eyes was to pin me down on a chair. It sucked and I was sooo glad to move out of that place at the end of the year.

    I hope he heals quickly.

  • Perspective says:

    I personally like duct tape for about everything. But practically speaking, it can get expensive with every attempt to give medicines. As to useful suggestions, I am sorry I have none.

  • Tammy W says:

    Wash, wash, wash those hands!!!

  • Oh gracious. Bless your baby’s heart.

  • No prob! Get some rest mom you need it. Sick you plus sick kid equals tired and grumpy…or is that just me!

  • Sandra says:

    If you have him look up then pull his bottom lid down and put the drop in the bottom lid then have him close his eye he won’t even feel it going in. Tell him this ahead and hope he cooperates. Once Jenna realized she did not feel it she was great about it. Of course, this is the girl who puts her own saline nasal spray in and loves it LOL

  • Last week, I noticed my son’s red eyes. I initially thought he had sore eyes (pin eye). We decided to bring him to an eye doctor and found out it was not sore eyes but a mild eye infection. He was prescribed to take 2 kinds of eye drops for one week. Tom is his check-up.

    Hope your son’s pink eye will be gone soon. Wishing the little one well.