To my sick little monkey

Dear Kid Saturdays at Cutest Kid Ever

Dear JSL,

Apparently you were not able to let your big brother be the only sick kid in the house. Last night you had to top his pinkeye with some "fun" of your own. Daddy and I were silly and should have known something was wrong. You hardly ever toss all food that you are given and that is what was happening. When we felt your head you were burning up. Flashbacks of when you were in the hospital last February came flooding back. We gave you ibuprofen and acetaminophen and you quickly fell asleep. Our attention then went back to the pinkeye monster. Since you were sleeping so soundly we never woke you up to redo any of the fever reducers.

This blew up in our face when you woke up whimpering at 4:00 this morning. Sure enough you were even warmer than before. When we took your temperature it was already 102.7 and soaring. I will admit I was ready to dial 911 if we needed to. This temperature was higher than it was when you had your febrile seizure and stopped breathing in February. Mommy did not sleep much after that watching as your breathing slowed down and your skin became cooler.

In a few hours we will be taking you to Urgent Care when they open to make sure that your ears are not the culprit. For now we continue the fever reducers. Please be a good little boy and take your medicine to make you better. None of us want to spend more nights in the hospital like we did earlier this year. Fight my little guy, fight these germs with all of your power!


 NaBloPoMo '08

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