Happy Chanukah 2008

Chanukah officially started last night . At sundown, we lit our menorah and watched the candles burn. The boys each received a small present and later we had cookies that were baked while snowed in. It was a very quiet day thanks to the excitement from the previous night. Thankfully the little guy is recovering well. We head to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for a concussion follow up to see if there is anything that he wants done.

Today we will hang out in the house, probably a pajama day. The boys already have a favorite activity that they can enjoy together. Check them out with one of their new Chanukah presents.

Doodle Pro Brothers

Of course maybe we will try to play a little game of dreidel. Just in time for the season, JSL had a new word. Here he is saying it in a very short video.

To all of those celebrating Chanukah, may you have a wonderful Festival of Lights. Here is a little something that I found thanks to Twitter that you may also enjoy: The Differences Between Christmas and Chanukah. This may be from 2005, but it is still fabulous and I had to share.


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