Feeling frazzled

Lack of sleep, an ambulance ride and visit to the emergency room can leave a family quite frazzled. I would be one of those family members this morning.

Last night, we went to Nana and Papa’s house to have an early Chanukah dinner with them, Mimi and Aunt T. We had a wonderful time opening presents, spending time with each other, and of course eating a delicious meal. After dinner, we decided to let the kids play. JSL loves to run around the large space at Nana and Papa’s house. At one point he was playing with my father and they were running through the kitchen. The rest of us were sitting in the living room and heard a gigantic THUD.

The night quickly changed at that moment.

That noise was JSL’s feet wiping out, his body flying into the air and him coming down on the back of his head. After a minute he cried and wanted JL. We figured the boys were getting tired, so we went to the table for cheesecake.

Of course after the fact, everyone else mentioned that they noticed the same thing when we sat down. JSL suddenly got very pale, stopped talking, was sweating horribly and then started shaking. Then the scariest part, he was unresponsive to us.

Nightmares of February came flashing back to me.

We got him out of the booster seat and took him into the kitchen. He was still not responding to us. Not to his name, tickles, nothing. He was trying to close his eye. When he did look at us, it was as if we were not there. I screamed for JL to call 911. He did and they sent out first responders.

During the time it took for them to arrive, JSL came in and out of it. When we tried to let him walk, he looked like he was drinking and could not walk in a straight line.

When the paramedics came into the kitchen we noted more odd behavior. Typically if a stranger tries to go near JSL he will recoil onto one of us and scream. Nada happened, he just sat there starring into space. They did vitals and said they were ok, but wanted to take him by ambulance to the hospital.

As I went running to get his coat and my boots I failed to notice all of the water from the paramedic’s shoes on the kitchen floor. I went flying into the basement door jamming my foot, hand and fingers. I was on an adrenaline rush and kept moving.

During the ambulance ride JSL was very quiet. He did move or do much. Finally minutes from the hospital he uttered "Mama" and pointed to the light. When we arrived into a room at the hospital the little guy started to perk up after about 30 minutes. He wanted to get down, explore and he was chatting up a storm.

When the PA came to see us you would never know there was anything wrong. The end product is JSL definitely had a concussion and may have had a mini-seizure. We have to follow up with our doctor Monday and keep a close eye on him today.

Last night he was up until midnight and was screaming and very restless during the night. Thankgoodness this morning he is in a great mood and playing nicely.

Today we will be staying in during another snow storm for a quiet day with the boys.


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