Ice, ice and more ice baby

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My question for this week:

Do you like the cold and winter weather?

Today’s question is inspired by the mess that has taken place outside over the last 24 hours. It started with rain, moved onto sleet and freezing rain. Over night it was horrible. You could hear the ice pellets pounding on our house. The power flashed off at least twice and is still flickering now. No school today for kindergarten kid since trees and power lines are down all over. To say that it is bad would be an understatement. They said on the news that this is one of the worst ice storms that we have had in a very long time. My guess is some spots have close to an inch of ice on them. Imagine that on a tree or power line, it is not a good situation.

Here are photos taken this morning:

Major ice storm

1. Front walk way is skating rink, 2. Ice layer on tree out front, 3. Another tree out front and neighbor’s car, 4. Grass coated in ice in back yard, 5. Tree making me nervous in back, 6. Ice coating wires and tree by garage

The answer to my question is that I admire the beauty of snow, but hate ice. There is no such thing as driving or walking safely on it. Now I sit here and worry about hubby as he walks out the door to commute to work. Hopefully a lot of people are home today and the roads are treated well. I also worry about the trees near here under the weight of the ice. Hubby said a lot are down just a block away from here (one on a parked car). It is going to be an "interesting" day.


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  • I’m with you on the snow and the same on the ice. Up here in the north woods we get tons of snow and it’s no problem, but on those first few icy days I do have a few stray thoughts of why am I here? After that, it turns into a winter wonder land.

  • Jen says:

    Not at all. I can’t stand the cold. I’ve often wondered why we remain in this frigid state of Michigan. But I think I’d miss our family & the seasons too much to leave for some place that’s warn year ’round. =0

  • Janet F says:

    I love the winter but I also do not like the ice.

    I hope the bad weather clears up soon for you.

  • Sues2u2 says:

    Ditto for the ice & I truly miss the snow! We live in mostly sunny Arizona & it’s hard not having snow around! Later in the day I’ll be putting up a pix of a Arizona Snowman & I use the term loosely!!

  • Dee says:

    NOPE! Thats why I live in the south! I DO like when it snows and lasts for a day or two..but that only happens every 3-4 years or so! :)

    If we get something we usually get those ice storms..YUCK

  • Jennifer says:

    I hate hate hate it! I have been bugging my husband to move somewhere warmer for years, but unfortunately he hates hot weather as much as I hate cold weather.

  • We’ve had ice storms like that the last two years here in Nebraska. Two years ago, it was so bad it knocked down a bunch of trees, and even telephone poles and transformers! I HATE winter, but I love where I live the other three seasons of the year, so I stick it out.

    Thanks for the knitting advice, BTW. :D I’ll check it out.

  • i don’t like colder season but the lovely snow and the holidays make up for it…

  • meredith says:

    I love the winter and the cold weather. You can always put on more layers to warm up, but in the summer heat I am miserable. Especially, since I hate wearing shorts, summer here in NC sucks!

  • Like a Painting at a museum it’s pretty to look at but a load of trouble if you try to touch it:)

  • sagemom says:

    Yes! It only gets to the high 50s so it’s manageable. Any lower and I don’t think I’d enjoy it.

  • Nina says:

    I am with you and hate the ice. I don’t really like the cold weather either, I would be happy living somewhere where it stayed above 50 year round.

  • Lori Downs says:


    I was born to be on the beach with the ocean air!! But I am stuck in Oklahoma, where its cold or hot nothing nice and calm and beachy!

  • Brandi says:

    I love the snow when it is also somewhat warm outside. I hate it when it is so cold you can’t even enjoy it! I also like the winter more when I am not pregnant, because I like to snowmobile and snow board and I can’t do either while i have this baby in my belly! :)

  • I’m with ya. I love the snow but I think it should stay off the sidewalks and roads. :)


  • Pegsy says:

    I know very few people who truly like cold weather. I love the snow, but the cold is not my favourite. Think about it – cold makes us draw into ourselves – warmth makes us able to reach. Maybe that’s a bit deep, but I don’t think man was originally created to “like” cold! And the ice is just plain treacherous!

  • Kari says:

    I love cold winter weather! As far as snow, I love it around Chrismtas or just after, but, then I’m usually ready for it to be over. And, I do not like to drive on icy roads at all.

  • Perspective says:

    I do not love the cold weather, though I am of Nordic heritage. Could I get like snow at 70 degrees, please?

  • Damselfly says:

    As a northern-born girl, I remember ice. It’s pretty dripping from the edge of your house, but you can’t stand under it (it might fall on you), you can’t drive on it, and unless it’s really thick, you shouldn’t skate on it.

    Now, to me, cold is anything below 60 degrees! I’m a cold wimp.

    Fun pictures!

  • Hate it. I really should move…

  • Shawna says:

    I hate ice. I hate cold. I hate wearing a winter coat and walking into a hot building and sweating and then going back into the cold. I hate colds, flu, and all the other germs that float around all winter long. Apparently I’m just full of hate!

    I do like snow, especially when it sticks to the trees, but only when I can enjoy it by looking out at it from the inside, where I’m sipping hot chocolate and wearing PJs!

  • Nancy says:

    I don’t really like cold weather either, and the only thing ice is good for is keeping my drinks cold! Fortunately we only had rain here, but I have coworkers in New Hampshire that are without power and don’t expect it back until after the weekend. Stay safe!

  • The ice is particularly scary when your 16 year-old is driving.

  • Kim says:

    Y’all be careful! Try not to do any slipping and sliding!

  • i like that the seasons change. i like the weather turning a little colder and i even like the beauty of the snow. i don’t like when it gets frigid cold or dealing with ice. every winter in colorado is different, so i have to go with what God gives us.

  • No! I hate the very cold weather. I hate bundling up in sweaters and jackets to go outside and then sweat inside because you are in heavy clothes. The only thing that I really like with the cold weather is that I can warm up a little with Starbucks Hot Chocolate with Peppermint. It is so tasty.

  • I had no idea people were so passionate about the weather. I love when we actually get any kind of real weather here in LA…considering, for the most part, that it is sunny and warm all year round. I especially love when it rains, but snow and ice I can do without.